Hello, my name is Tiffany Napper.

whitespace |white-space|

NOUN: In design and illustration, whitespace is the portion of the page left unmarked, unfilled.

It is not merely "blank" space — it is an important element of design that enables the objects in it to exist cohesively. In life, it is the balance of busy and relaxed, work and down time. 

Sometimes it takes a great big boom to spur a metamorphosis. Other times, it's just about returning to the place you once were, slowly, somewhat haphazardly, and yet purposefully all at once. 

Whitespace + Wellness is about my return to my true self after a series of less than fortunate events. I was a burnt out and bruised girlboss. And with each new heartache or devastation, I would bury myself further into my work, letting my physical and mental health suffer. But I consider myself fortunate, for it was that series of disasters, that deep dive to rock bottom, that led me here, to you. 

Now, I’m a thriving Creative Director (more on that at TiffanyNapper.com) with a wonderful team around me. I’m proud to say I’ve found the balance that eluded me for so long, and I am here to help you find it, too.

My editorial scope is simple. Share encouraging words and tips to keep you living your best life. Matcha and smoothie recipes will abound. Branding tips and travel itineraries will flow freely.

I encourage dialogue on this journey. Share with me, please. Tell me what you think, where you've been, what you learned. We only have one chance at this life. Let's fill it with whitespace and wellness and spread joy with each passing day. 




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