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Finding balance, healing spirits, and feeding the wanderlust in me. 

I am a formerly overworked entrepreneur on a journey to add more whitespace and wellness into my life. That means more travel, yoga, and smoothies! 

 I cannot wait to transform and grow with you. 

Instagram Story Templates

Instagram Story Templates

Hello! As we embark on our greatest journey of all, the one towards our best selves, I thought it would be fun to create Instagram story templates to help tell the story. Please feel free to download these and share them in your IG story, filling in the blanks.

My one and only request is that you do not remove the tag crediting them back to me, as I am putting time and energy into these templates for you to use and share. Let's spread the positive energy and  get to know one another better, one Instagram Story at a time! 


  • Keep a Happy Journal 

This or That by Tiffany Napper
Instagram Template Happy Journaling


  • Live Your Vacay Feelings 

Fake Vacay Vibes


  • Express Your Gratitude 

Instagram Story Template Gratitude
  • Cultivate Your Happiness

Cultivating Happiness Instagram Template


These story templates are also available on Pinterest, so feel free to follow me and grab them over there! 



Matcha Protein Cake Bites

Matcha Protein Cake Bites

Vegan Sweet Potato Biscuits

Vegan Sweet Potato Biscuits