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The Year of Happiness

The Year of Happiness



On the long drive from New Orleans to Nashville after the holidays, I started thinking about all of the shifts and changes I had manifested in my life in 2017, both internally and externally. The one that stood out the most to me was my ability to truly shift my mindset to one of doom and gloom to one of happiness, strictly through tuning in, listening to my body and making some very real CHANGES. It wasn't easy, and I'm not claiming severe depression can be cured through lifestyle alone. But I am here to testify that you can change your perspective, your diet, your lifestyle, your everyday actions, and you can even change your feelings. They are temporary. Fleeting at best. 

So, without further ado, I deemed 2018 the year of Cultivating Happiness! I know happiness isn't a static frame of mind. It requires effort, day in and day out, to see the glass as not only half full, but able to be filled up by YOU! I also know that it takes 21 days to create a habit, so I thought we'd tackle this big, overarching goal of cultivating happiness with 12 bite-sized goals. Here we go. This is going to get good, ya'll. Twelve months. Twelve 21-day challenges. It adds up to one very happy 2018. 

You can find the 6 month breakdown of our 12 months of cultivating happiness challenges below. 

Please join me on this journey. Share your moments of cultivating happiness through our 21-day challenges with #WW21Days, or tag me on Instagram @TiffanyNapper. I'm rooting for you. I'm here for you. I'm leaning on you, too. Now go slay today. I love you.

Cultivate Happiness

January - 21 Days of Movement 

February - 21 Days of Connection

March - 21 Days of Gratitude

April - 21 Days of Decluttering

May - 21 Days of Thank Yous 

June - 21 Days of Fake Vacay

July - 21 Days of Happy Journaling

As you can see, January is our Month of Movement! Any kind of movement counts. Dance in your living room. Get sweaty in a 60 hour bootcamp class. Take a vinyasa yoga class or a 20 minute walk in the neighborhood. Whatever you do, show up for yourself for 21 days and commit to moving your body. This is only the beginning. You got this. 

February is our Month of Connecting with one another. Follow me on Instagram for Daily Connection Tips on my stories. It's time we look up from our laptops and phones and remember how happy it makes us to connect with one another. 

March is all about Gratitude. Repeat after me, and see how much lighter you feel after recognizing the abundance in our lives. 

April is spring cleaning on another level. Clutter is smothering. We will clear the clutter in our closets, bathroom drawers and in our minds. 

May is all about giving true thanks, in person as much as we can.

June is our month of pretending like we are on vacation. When you are on vacation, do you notice that you are kinder to yourself and to others? Let's cultivate that mindset year 'round. 

July is the month of the happy journal. Write down 3 things that are making you happy, every day for 5 minutes. Studies show it will increase your happiness by 25 percent!



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